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About Me

My paintings are portraits. I use words, images, and colors to form a cohesive structure which represents my subject, and my feelings about my subject, better than I could ever hope to accomplish using contemporary portraiture. My goal is to bring these images and colors together so as to encourage the viewer to form his/her own imagery, and therein become a part of the piece in a way that only one's own imagination could provide. The viewer will then be able to read his/her own personal accounts into the work, and come away feeling connected to the painting, as if they knew the subject as personally as I do.


Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX; solo show
New American Paintings, issue 48
The Art Bar, Dallas,TX; solo show
Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX; group show
McMurtrey Gallery, Houston, TX; solo show
Conduit Gallery, Dallas, TX; solo show
Good Bad Art Collective, Denton, TX; solo show
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